Zippifish at Just Longboards/ET Surf 8/4/07

there are 9 Zippifish at Just Longboards/ET Surf, ranging from 5’5″ to 6’2″.

Just Longboards/ET Surf
904 Aviation Blvd
Hermosa Beach CA 90254

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5 responses to “Zippifish at Just Longboards/ET Surf 8/4/07

  1. Post some more pics! Also can we get a description of the different shapes? I know there are a few different “models” that zippi makes!

  2. We’re workin on it!

    There are the model descriptions on the “zippi surfboards” page on this site. Also, feel free to call Zippi and speak with him directly.


    Phil the moderator

  3. I saw a long winded discussion at about zippifish, chinese knockoffs, and Leo Nordine. Did anyone ever figure out if Nordine was selling original zippi boards, chinese knockoffs, or zippi sanctioned chinese knockoffs?

  4. i did a search on, and couldnt find anything about this discussion. do you have a link?

    phil the moderator

  5. i spoke with Zippi, and this is the story:

    Leo Nordine is cool. he had a custom tri-fin Zippifish made, and he decided to sell it on craigslist. Zippi rarely makes a tri-fin Zippifish, so naturally many people thought the board was a knockoff. the board was an experiment.

    hope this clears things up.

    phil the moderator

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