Zippifish Quad Experimental Shapes 8/18/07

A new Zippifish Quad is on the horizon. A few of us have already surfed a few of the demos, and we’re stoked!


Let us know.

6 responses to “Zippifish Quad Experimental Shapes 8/18/07

  1. Mauricio Tassara

    dimensions on that quad please?????

    If I am not mistaken I saw that quad as it was finsihed being shaped and have wondered how it performed. Maybe I’ll get one of thse next.

  2. hey Mauricio,

    i dunno the dims on that board posted…….but, Zippi does. give him a call.

    Zippi will be the first person to tell you he’s not the greatest with web interaction, emails, etc. that’s why im here to assist him. those of us, like yourself, who surf Zippifish know how great they perform.

    if you think about it, its kinda cool to be able to call the shaper and talk to him directly.
    old skool.


    phil the moderator

  3. Mauricio Tassara

    Very well put Phil. Its true, its a pleasure to be able to call Zippi or just stop by the shop. The problem with stopping by too often is that you alwways want to order another board. I love zippi fishes and will definately keep surfing them and promoting them on the net as usual and to people that ask me about my board. I always post stuff about zippi and his boards on forums.

    I’ll call zippi to find out the dimensions on that board, thanks.

  4. Now we’re talking – I imagine you ride this a few inches shorter than normal thruster still, yeah? (although not as short as his fish shape)

    Demo loaners available yet like he does w/fish?

  5. hey SBB!

    yes, there are demos available.
    just give Zippi a call and work it out.


    phil the moderator

  6. Sounds good, so my next question is who do I call to order a late summer NW groundswell?


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