custom Zippifish 9/7/07





this is a custom Zippifish made for Seth.
Damian created the artwork.
the board is on display in the Rainbow Fin booth at the ASR Show.

feel free to leave a comment.

2 responses to “custom Zippifish 9/7/07

  1. That looks killer. I can see some many little details in the drawing. I bet if I had the board in my hands there would alot more detail in there that we can’t see in the picture.

    We should get that guys contact info for future work.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this board!!!

    To bad some kook had to run into me last weekend and make an 8″ x 2″ gash on the rail. Thankfully the artwork on the deck was not damaged. I think this board is retired now…

    Can’t wait for my new Zippi Fish!!!

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