Ron 10/27/07


Hi Zippi,

Got the board and it is awesome!! Had it out today in some very
small surf and it rode way better than my old board, really fast
and really loose. It did take some getting used to but I think I
have it down now. Smallest board I have riddin in 20 years, Can’t
wait to try it in some real surf. I would recommend your boards to
anyone! I love it!


4 responses to “Ron 10/27/07

  1. Sweet board! How long is that bad boy?

  2. It’s 6 foot 1 inch. I am coming off of a 6’9″ modern fish so I kept it a little long. Feels way small (in a good way). I have to get used to riding off of my front foot, I keep wanting to jam turns like on a thruster and I can feel that this board doesnt like that. It does like long gracefull carves and absolutely flying down the line. I have never ridden a retro fish, but some friends said this board has some modern elements to the shape that should make it way more versatile than a retro. Retro fish/modern fish hybrid or whatever after my one session in head high waves all I want to do is put on some cut off jeans grow my hair out and relive the the 70’s lol!

  3. Right on! Nice step down to 6’1″; I’m riding one of Zippi’s REDLINE 5′ 9ner’s and that is the ultimate ride. Snaps, deep carving bottom turns, way out in the flats and catches everything from 1′ to 2′ overhead with confidence. Just ordered my replacement; i’ve managed to beat my first Zippi to pulp and it’s time to retire it to the Puerto Rico Quiver. Hear there’s a bit of swell closing in on the East Coast, will it hit up your way?

    Charge hard!

  4. Yeah the swell is coming and I am heading to Disney World with the family… I’m trying not to think about it. I have gone out everyday this week in knee to waist high closeouts and I will miss one of the only atlantic storms this season to stay offshore and pump swell from 1000 miles out. Local winds will be west (offshore) …. I’m trying not to think about it. I can tell that I will be ordering another board fairly soon. All of my boards get crushed near the rails on the bottom 3rd and I have already started this degradation on my new Zippy after 12 hours use. I have no idea how this happens, I might have to ask Zippy to laminate in a steel plate to protect my next board.

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