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talking about Zippifish

Check out the conversation about this new Zippifish.


Annette riding her Zippifish at Cardon Resort.

Zippifish Quad Experimental Shapes 8/18/07

A new Zippifish Quad is on the horizon. A few of us have already surfed a few of the demos, and we’re stoked!


Let us know.

jeff phillips 8/13/07

jeff phillips on a zippifish

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Update 8/13/07

just a quick update…

this blog is only a few weeks old, and we’re getting quite a few visits everyday………100+ each day.
thank you.

i will be posting new boards this week, as well as a new video of Zippifish in action. please check back soon.

once again, thank you for all the support and feedback.


phil the moderator

new photos 7/8/07

there’s a new “photos” page added to this blog.(look towards the top of this page) we just added a few photos, so check it out.

Zippifish rider Mauricio Tassara

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Jeff Phillips 7/6/07

Jeff Phillips on his Zippifish

if youre a Zippifish rider and you have a photo you would like to share, email it to us.

a few of you have emailed and left comments.
as you may know, weve finally had some surf around here…….so things are a bit slow on the blog these days. but, i do intend to forward all of the questions to Michael Zippi this weekend and have the answers posted by monday for sure.

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interview with Michael Zippi


click here to read an interview with Michael Zippi.

this is a new blog 6/28/07!

hello world!

this is a new blog as of 6/28/07. check back everyday as we will be updating this blog with all things zippifish!