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talking about Zippifish

Check out the conversation about this new Zippifish.

Nick 9/15/07

These photos and words were emailed to us by Zippifish rider Nick:




Hey Zippi,
I love the board. I’ve ridden it four times since Tuesday and each time it gets better. I really like the twin keel setup, but today I tried it with my quad fins. At first it didn’t seem great, but I moved the rear fins all the way to the front of the box and the board started to fly. I’m not really sure which setup I like more yet, but I suspect that the speed dialers will work a little better in juicier surf. I can’t wait to keep experimenting with the setups. Thanks so much for a killer board.

Jason 9/10/07

These photos and words were emailed to us by Zippifish rider Jason:

Have I told you how much I love this fish?

All I can say is thank you!!!

This was Labor Day at Bolsa, the week before at Oceanside was even better….Mike is loving his board and Zippi, you are the man!!!

Have a great one,


custom Zippifish 9/7/07





this is a custom Zippifish made for Seth.
Damian created the artwork.
the board is on display in the Rainbow Fin booth at the ASR Show.

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Mauricio T’s new Zippifish 9/4/07

Mauricio T’s new 5’9″ Zippifish.

hey Mauricio, did you catch any of waves this past week?
please give us a report.

phil the moderator

5’6″ Zippifish for Mike 8/21/07

custom 5′ 6″ Zippifish for Mike.

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jeff phillips 8/13/07

jeff phillips on a zippifish

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Update 8/13/07

just a quick update…

this blog is only a few weeks old, and we’re getting quite a few visits everyday………100+ each day.
thank you.

i will be posting new boards this week, as well as a new video of Zippifish in action. please check back soon.

once again, thank you for all the support and feedback.


phil the moderator

Zippifish at Icons of Surf 7/20/07

This is a 5’8″ Zippifish.
This is a 6’2″ Zippifish. It features a yellowish-green abstract design.

Both boards are for sale at Icons of Surf, located in San Clemente, CA.

Icons of Surf is an excellent surf shop with a knowledgeable staff who can answer all of your questions. They have an awesome selection of surfboards.

If you would like more info about these Zippifish, give Icons of Surf a call at (949)429 7133.

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new photos 7/8/07

there’s a new “photos” page added to this blog.(look towards the top of this page) we just added a few photos, so check it out.

Zippifish rider Mauricio Tassara

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