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  1. Mike Overstreet

    I’m a south bay porto local and one of my buddies has a 5’4 zippi and it flies. Got me kind of intrigued. How much for a new custom fish or possibly a used one? Keep up the good work.


  2. I was thinking about picking up a 5’6-5’8 zippi fish. how much do they go for? thanks.

  3. if im 6′ and currently riding a 6’1″ CI Flyer what size should I get in a Zippi Fish?

    – I suggest trying a 5’6″ to 5’8″ Zippifish. Feel free to give me a call at (310)804-9393 if you have any other questions I may answer for you.


  4. So just broke my 9’0 Walden Magic which i loved! Been thinkin about getting out one of your Groupers for months and now I’m really thinking about it. I was wondering if you had any demo’s available?
    Also wondering what size you thnk i might want to go for. I’m 6’3, 215 and and a intermediate/advanced intermediate surfer. (on my Walden anyways…)
    And how much do they go for? is a custom one more?

    -I have a 6’8″ Zippifish for you to demo. Come on by and give it a try. As for your other questions, please give me a call and I’ll be happy to answer in greater detail. (310)804-9393.

    Thank you,

  5. Loving the fish you made for me. You were probably right about going shorter, but I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for great board and great service.


  6. I just bought one of your 5′ 8″ fishes from Icon’s of Surf in San Clemente and it really screams down the line I’m very stoked on the preformance in hollow surf holds tight everytime I will definitly be buying another one of your boards ! (the best stick i’ve bought in the last 20 yrs. )


  7. Hi Zippi,

    Got the board on Tuesday and had it out Wednesday morning. All I can say is you did a beautiful job and the board rides great! Had it out in waist high mush, onshore and crappy and made sections I would never had made on my old board. Took a little adjustment but I think I have the hang of it now. I am very happy with every part of the process and will be in touch in the future!


  8. I’m 5’8” weigh 140-145 pounds, and am currently riding a 6’0” 18 1/4 wide and 2 1/4 thick cordell short. What dimensions would you recommend as far as length, thickness, and height? Girlfriends going to get me a zippi for christmas 🙂

    ~Hello Brent,

    Figure going 4″ to 6″ shorter than your tri.
    I suggest getting one of our standard models.
    Please give me a call and we can talk about it.



  9. Zippi,

    Wanted to let you know I picked up my custom 5″ 7″ Zippi from Ken and Ben down at Icons, the green one. I debated on waiting for the original brown one, but decided that I could not wait 2 more weeks to get on a Zippi. I have been riding it non-stop down here in South County and S.D. It works great in small knee high slop and chest high beachies and points. Can’t wait to test in this week in some decent head high surf.

  10. Question? Is there a quad option with all your fish models???? Thanks, Glenn



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  12. Hey Zippi,

    Can you recommend a repair place/person??… AQUATECH put my fins in on the wrong cant… I have to have the repair done over. I cant deal with those dudes anymore.


  13. Zippi,

    Have you come up with quad design in the last year that is to your liking…or is the twin still the clear winner for your designs?

  14. Zippi,
    I have a 5’9 twin keel that I can’t get enough of and I’m picking up a 5’11 keel for Hawaii. After 33 years of surfing, your boards have definately light that fire of stoke back into my surfing.

  15. Hello Mr. Zippi,

    I have been hearing a lot of good things about your surfboards and looking into getting one. I currently ride 9’0″ robert august (what i ride) epoxy but want more speed and maneuverability. I am 5’11”, 150 lbs, intermediate surfer. I usually surf at seal and bolsa.

    Which one of your boards do you think would be best for me?


  16. mike:
    I live in Lahaina. I see you like Lahaina. Me too. I am a regular foot so I surf backside at Shark Pit. How do you think your Zippi Fish will do backside at Sharkpit?

    I am fascinated and intrigues that as a shaper, you specialize in a modern fish and you like Lahaina!

    How do I order one?

  17. Hi Mr. Zippi,

    I’ve been surfing a 6’10” Walden Magic fish for about 3 years now. Decent board but a little slow. I am 5’9″ and 130lbs. Surf Pacifica/Lindamar, and Santa Cruz area. Level intermediate/ surf one to two times/week. Which one of your boards would you recommend?


  18. Great board Mike, I took it out to Pacifica this morning. Super fast and easy to catch waves. Thanks again.


    • Hi Kevin
      I am interested in a zippi board . Live in Pacifica . Would be great to check out your board and get some thoughts

  19. I need a replacement fin. Where can I get one?



  20. Hello Zippi

    I have been surfing little bit over, ten years now. All these years, I have been looking for a board that I can catch waves like long board and ride like ripping short boards. LoL. I think, Zippi boards can do the job for me ^^

    I am about 5’7″ tall and about 154 lb in weight.
    Actually I had a maybe 5’8″ red line ? in my mind…
    What do you think?
    Do you have any used zippi that can fit for my size?

    Do you have used zippi?

    Can you offer lay- away plan?( I make deposit first and I pick up the board when I pay off)

    Thanks Zippi

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