Robert’s Zippifish

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to get a pic to you of the board you made. Having a blast on it and wanted to say thanks again for making it for me.

Best to you,

Joe Piddington on his Zippifish Redline, Beng Beng, Indonesia

Joe Piddington on his Zippifish Redline

Joe Piddington on his Zippifish Squid

Jersey Joe Piddington on his 5’6″ Zippifish Squid.

Brad’s Zippifish

thanks Pete!

“Hey zippi!
I had my first session on the new zippi on Sunday… I
was at church’s and it was about shoulder high…sets a little
bigger…wow what a fast little board! Seriously the fastest board I’ve
ridden… Made impossible sections…just cranking down the line! It
…was really quick to come around through turns and cut backs! Can’t wait
for my next session!!
Thanks for the stoke!

Michael Zippi Speaks!