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Diego in New Zealand


Hi Zippi,

Just wanted to say thanks again for the board- it truly is awesome! Here are a few pictures from my New Zealand trip. It has been performing great here at home w/ the south swells coming into the points here in north LA- you were right, it is a point break machine!

It was a bit difficult to pack w/ the glass on fins, but made the trip fine. i think in the future i may order a “traveller” with removable fins but loving this one for now.

Thanks again!





how you doing m. zippi?

hope verything is fine.. thanks for my magic carpet.. the best board i ever rode!! here i am cruising on a solid right hand point break in el salvador!! cheers!! if you can post it on your website and facebook would be cool!! keep rocking those boards!! yeeewww

Andres Quevedo



Hey Zippi-

I took this shot of Clark Damron last weekend at Blackies in Newport.  Thought you might like to post it on your page.


Still loving my two Zippi Fish!




Steve Westerhout


Swell Magnet

An interview with Michael Zippi.  Click here.

Robert’s Zippifish

Hi Mike,

Just wanted to get a pic to you of the board you made. Having a blast on it and wanted to say thanks again for making it for me.

Best to you,

Joe Piddington on his Zippifish Redline

Brad’s Zippifish

thanks Pete!

“Hey zippi!
I had my first session on the new zippi on Sunday… I
was at church’s and it was about shoulder high…sets a little
bigger…wow what a fast little board! Seriously the fastest board I’ve
ridden… Made impossible sections…just cranking down the line! It
…was really quick to come around through turns and cut backs! Can’t wait
for my next session!!
Thanks for the stoke!

Michael Zippi Speaks!

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