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thanks Pete!

“Hey zippi!
I had my first session on the new zippi on Sunday… I
was at church’s and it was about shoulder high…sets a little
bigger…wow what a fast little board! Seriously the fastest board I’ve
ridden… Made impossible sections…just cranking down the line! It
…was really quick to come around through turns and cut backs! Can’t wait
for my next session!!
Thanks for the stoke!

Jeff Phillips – 5’5″ Zippifish



Michael Zippi is always happy to answer all of your questions:



Dave 3/26/09







Just wanted to thank you again for a great job on my board. I love it and can’t wait to ride it! Wanted to get some pics of it before it gets it’s 1st wax.

Thanks again! I’m really stoked!


Karl 6/10/08

I’m considering ordering a Grouper after talking to a satisfied Zippi owner. I’m 5′ 11″ and 200lbs. I’m usually surfing a 9′-6″ longboard or a 7′-0″ shortboard at Bolsa Chica, Huntington or Trails at San O. I’m a weekend surfer these days and consider myself an intermediate or better surfer.

What size Grouper would you recommend? 6’2″? 6’4″? And how much should I expect to pay for an epoxy?

Let me know what you think and how to best get a hold of you when I’m ready to order.



I think a 6’2″ would work best for you.
Give me a call.



Brent 11/29/07

Just took out my 5′5” Zippi out this morning. Waves were not that great, but this thing catches waves and blazed down the line regardless of the fact that the waves had no real power. Pumps for speed better than my short and is extremely maneuverable and cuts back like my short. The board is just super fun and fast! Thanks Mike for the great board and for putting up with all my questions. haha Can’t wait to take this baby out during a good swell.


Damien B 11/19/07

Had my 6′8″Zippi for over a month now and I love it! Got it to replace a performance longboard I broke and it’s been everything I hoped for. I’m catching waves in the same place I used to on the longboard, but speed and turning ability have allowed me to explore new parts of the wave, and catch those shoulders I couldn’t before.
Can’t wait to take it out in some beefy northern swells this winter…And did I mention the sick airbrush job? Thanks Zippi!

Damien B

Mike Q. 11/18/07


Mike Q. sent photos of a surf session in Oahu.

To see more photos of Mike Q. riding this 5’4″ Zippifish, visit the “Photos/Videos” page by clicking here.

Thanx for the photos Mike!

Ocean Outfitters 11/18/07

We have been selling your fishes under the Time Bomb name for years in our Surf Shop in New Jersey – Ocean Outfitters. It is the only board I’ve surfed since 3 years ago. It took the place of everything: My long board and my hybrid short performance. We are interested in doing an order with our logo on all the boards. Is that possible? I can also send you some pretty shots of myself surfing in Mexico with your Time Bomb labeled Zippi.


Jeff Walden
Ocean Outfitters
Wildwood Crest, N.J. 08260


Yes, it is possible. Looking forward to doing business with you. Please email those Mexico surf pics as well.

Thank you,


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