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As the surfboard industry seems to be heading backwards, we at Zippi Fish have been moving forward. We have tested many boards and we constantly develop our designs based on all of our riders’ feedback. Our refinement of the twin fin keel surfboard has taken our retro style design to the next level of high performance.

Many surfers feel twin fins lack performance and drive. Surfers also feel twin fins tend to slide and spin out, and are not able to go vertical. This is not the case with our super fast twin fin keel fish. They have drive, yet remain loose and crisp with snap. It’s our passion at Zippi Fish to make the best performance fish you can buy. Just because it looks retro doesn’t mean it has to work retro. Try one and feel the difference!


The Standard Model
This is our main design and is a favorite among retro fish lovers world over. This design is also available in the new split tail slot bottom. The Standard is the best selling model in surf shops and considered by many to be the premier performance keel on the market. It is made in a wide range of sizes, for intermediate to advanced surfers.

The Squid, from 5’0” – 5’8”
This is a brand new design made for small waves. Its’ design allows immediate planing power and acceleration in small waves. It incorporates new design features like the split tail slot bottom. After you ride it you will know why it’s called The Squid. It’s made for advanced surfers.

The Redline 5’9”
This design is a team favorite. It’s so fast and powerful you will wonder when the engine will blow. It can be ordered in different sizes, but the 5’9” length offers sheer power and precise control in waves from waist high to double overhead. Tested the world over, this design is the “go to” board for many surfers who never thought a fish could handle steep and barreling waves. This board is made for advanced surfers.

The Swooper Special Blend 5’11”

This design is a spin off of the Redline. It is easy to ride and paddles easily, with little loss in performance for its’ size. Its’ powerful swooping turns are great for long point breaks, and it’s been known to do well in crowded lineups. With its sheer speed and power, this board is made for the intermediate to advanced surfer.

The Grouper 6’2” – 7’2”

This is our big fish. It’s the favorite of the weekend warrior and is known to convert even the die hard long boarder to the shorter-performance side of surfing. The 6’8” is a favorite for many as it easily catches waves. The Grouper is also available with the split tail bottom. This board is made for the intermediate surfer, 160-240 pounds.


Slot Bottom Technology
This feature is designed to add thrust and punch off the top and bottom with a tight controlled turning radius in the flats.

Zippi’s Z Foil Vented Core Light Keel Fins

These fins offer less weight, amazing performance, added thrust, and a lively fell with plenty of power. Similar to vector fins, the advanced surfer will enjoy how these fins work in combination with Zippi’s bottom contour designs.

We suggest Zippi Fish to be ridden 3 to 9+ inches shorter than your short board……..depending on your surfing ability.

Got questions?
We have the answers.

Feel free to give us a call at 310-804-9393……….or leave us a comment.

Thank you!

30 responses to “Zippifish Surfboards

  1. What are the differences between the standard model and the grouper? Is the grouper more funboard styled? thanks ,clarke

  2. Wider tail, thicker, and longer.

    Michael Zippi

  3. Looking to pick up a grouper.. but unsure of what size I should get. More of a traditional longboarder riding anything from 9’6 to 10’6 and I’m about 6’4 and weigh 210.. any suggestions? Looking forward to converting. Thanks, Tyler

    – A 6’6″ to 6’10” Zippifish is what i suggest. If possible, come by and try a demo Zippifish.


  4. I currently ride a 5’6″ fish which handles well in head high surf, I am 5’8″ and weigh 170. Was looking to buy the 5’9″ redline model but it was not available at ZJ’s or ET. Are you shipping any soon? Thanks.


    Please call me at (310)804-9393.

  5. I currently ride a 9’2 long board but want to try out a fish. I’m 5’3, about 115 lbs. Which do you recommend?

    -Hello Grace,

    Please give me a call. I have a few questions to ask you before I am able to recommend the right Zippifish for you. (310)804-9393

    Thank You,

  6. Hey Zippi, I had a 5’8 redline shaped for me over a year ago and I love it. The only thing is that I feel that I really have to stomp on it hard after I pop up to get the dig/push that I want/need to make sections etc. It takes off for sure, but I seem to be working too hard for the push. Did I go to thick? I’m 5’11 188lbs, the board is 5’8 x 21 5/8 x 2 1/2 thick. Maybe I should go less on the thickness? or just the thickness of the rails? I don’t know. Your the master. I also am thinking of getting a quad, but have never owned one. Would you recomend one in comparison to a twin? I would love your opinion/ or info on the difference. It will be a zippi either way



    ~ Hey Mike,

    Give me a call and we can talk about it a little more. There are a few questions I would like to know in order to offer my best opinion.


    Thank you,


  7. Whats the difference between the standard model and the redline? Does one have smaller dims?



    ~Hello Christy

    The Redline tail is more narrow than the Standard. The Redline is thinner overall. Please let me know if I may answer any other questions you may have. Thank you. Zippi.

  8. hey i was wondering whichboard would be the right one for me.. I am like between the beginner and intermediate stages. I am 5’11” and weigh 130 lbs. also, how much are the boards? would you be able to copy that sick paint job with the red rising sun? thanks, cam

    ~call me at (310)604-9393
    and we can talk

  9. Hello Michael,

    I am 45 and been surfing 32yrs of that 45 I bought one of your 5′ 8″ slot bottom fishes from Ken at Icons of surf it’s by far the best board I have rode in years,I had it out in the last big south nov 5th in Oceanside in solid 10ft this board in amazing how well it holds in overhead surf I LOVE IT ! Thank you for your quality craftsmanship Michael I will be looking at one of your quads next.


    ~Thank you for your kind words and support


  10. Hey Zip,

    Your boards are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!

    I was wondering what the main differences are between the “Swooper Special Blend 5’11”” model and the “Standard” model?

    I am looking for something that is a super wave catcher because ushually surf the breakwater at venice beach which is pretty mushy more often than not, and I already have another regular short board for when it gets overhead and vertical there, (which is a little over my ability right now anyway).

    And it would be nice too if I could use the same model fish to surf with my longboarder friends up in Malibu. So it would need to be something than can compete with the longboarders for catching waves.


  11. hey, i currently made a change from a 5 7 performance quad to the same shape but 6 1 because of a grow spurt i had ( i am a teenager).

    so i have a 9 2 longboard and a 6 1 quad short board that i ride

    as well as a 5 10 single fin retro, i am looking to replace this board with a fish, something i can ride in smaller waves or big fun malibu

    what would you recommend out of the fish models?

    ~Hey Jon,

    I suggest trying the 5’9″ Redline Zippifish.

    Give me a call if you would like to try a demo.

    Thank you.


  12. Jackie McGrail

    Hi Michael,
    I had the pleasure of being treated to dinner by your mother on Easter Sunday. My mother is a Zippi by birth and a cousin to your father. I just wanted to say hi and how great your boards sound, as well as your website. I don’t surf, but went to high school in Westminster and was a beach babe at Huntington for many a year! I was surprised to hear you are 62 and doing surfboards ~ pretty cool 🙂
    Well, take care, and best of luck with the business. Jackie McGrail

  13. Hi, I was just researching for different kinds of fish surfboards and I ran across your website. I am 5’9″, 170 pounds and I am looking for a fish for the southbay surf as well as for a transition board from my 6’8″ thruster. I have ridden my friend’s 6’1″ Becker quad fish without any problems. What would you suggest for me? I would consider myself as intermediate plus. Thanks.

    ~Hey Antho,
    Thanx for the question.
    5’11” or 6′
    I have some demo if you would like to try one
    call (310)804-9393

  14. Zippi,

    I am 5’8 and 215. I currently surf a 10’0 longboard. What size and model do you suggest to catch waves easily and be stable? Also do you have a demo? This would be the first time riding a fish.

  15. Also, I usually surf beach break- Bolsa Chica in Huntington Beach.


    I have a 6’8″ demo you are welcome to try
    call me at (310)804-9393

  16. Mr. Zip,
    Need a board suggestion from you. I am 6’2 175, 34 years old. Been surfing 6 years . Usually longboard on subpar santa monica bay waves. Can catch waves on a 6’4″ thruster but have trouble generating speed. What size/type of fish would you put me on? Would love to demo one. thanks!

    I do have demos call me and will arrange to let you ride one

  17. Hi, I’m looking for a beginner surfboard for my 5’4 105 lbs girlfriend. We’d be surfing the east-coast(mostly Florida).
    Out of your surfboards what would you suggest?
    Thank you.

    I don’t know what to tell you, as I have a few questions before I suggest a board to you.
    Send me your phone number and I will call you.


  18. Hi, I’m looking for a new board that I can ride in the usually sloppy waves in Jacksonville Florida.I’m 5’7 135 ish and I’d consider myself a beginner to intermediate. I was wondering what board you would recommend and what size. Also I was wondering about price since I’m not made of money.


    I need to know what you riding now?
    If it’s a tri fin short board, it’s 4″ to 6″ shorter than what your riding now.
    Base price is $550 + shipping

  19. Hi, I recently began surfing on a softboard. But after a whole summer on it i feel like ive outgrown it. I have short board but that seems be a little too hard so I’m interested in a fish since they have better paddling power. I’m 5’7 and weigh 125 lb. I’m a beginner moving towards intermediate. What would you suggest?

  20. hi im 5ft8,210lbs 38yrs,im getting into surfing,what would be a good size(length.thickness)0f board to learn on thanks for any help

  21. i have been riding an 8′ long board and i am thinking about getting a fish. i am 6′ 1″ 180 pounds. i would consider my self begginer to intermidiate. i was hoping for maybe some suggestions on board sizes?

    Thats a hard question……I would say a 6’6″ or 6’8″ to start that a good transition.


  22. for those who want to answer my little question you may send it to…tnx in advanced….mwuah

  23. Greetings,
    Is there a way to spot a redline other than looking for a 5’9″ zippie fish, or a picture of one somewhere with rough dims? Ive been window shopping for some time at icons of surf trying so hard to save up the required funds…but they dont seem to list the model type.:-( I am 39 surfing now for 29 years, I weigh 165 lbs and currently ride either my 5’11” 16 21 16 RC 2.3 thick twin fish ( over 6′ surf) or my 5’11” 17 21 17 steve
    2 5/8 thick steve forstall fish ( under 5 foot ) and am booked for extended bali boat trip in 2010 and was seriously considering your 5’9″ redline…but was hoping to drool over one online for enough months to anty up. I live in Florida within bike distance to sebastian inlet ( yes poor me) so added expense of shipping costs have kept me at bay for now… but not forever.

  24. Hey, i am 16 and an alright surfer, i am currently 71kg, 181 cm and love the old school surfing style…rasta, joel tudor, mp…those kind of guys and am really interested in picking up a fish. Im pretty uneducated about the fish, what dimensions and all that would you recommend, it would help alot

    Thanks alot Will

  25. Dear Mr. Zippi,
    My Name is John Cuccia and I’m a 40 year old surfer that’s been doing it for less than a year. I wish I would have started 30 years ago. Oh well, definitely better late than never! I’m an intermediate surfer by now (been out 110+ times even though its a 120 mile round trip for me). I’m utterly hooked on surfing and it has changed my life in ways I never dreamed possible. I stumbled on your Zippifish while reading about local shapers.
    I’ve always been interested in a fish because I want a board that will ride in most conditions and have more performance than my 9’2 noserider. I love my longboard but when the waves are over head high and faster it starts to get squirrelly and doesn’t get enough speed to make the section. My ultimate goal is to get into shortboarding when I lose all my weight. However, from what I’m reading about your boards I may never get past yours. I’m a pretty athletic guy and I want a performance board that will shred if I want to.
    I’m 5’6 and 185lbs I want to get down to 170 and stay there. since I started surfing I’ve lost 40 lbs and I feel like a new man. My favorite surf spots are Pipes, Old man’s, Mondo’s and Bolsa Chica (longboarding spots all) However, my parents live at Newport 38th st and my longboard keeps pearling on those waves. My ultimate goal, and I want to do it by my 41st birthday, is to catch my 1st real tube. I think your board will be the ticket.
    Keep in mind I’ve never shortboarded but I want to. What size would you recommend for a guy who likes the feel of floating on top of the water but needs to catch waves at places like newport and huntington as well as Old mans and Mondo’s? I hope I’ve told you enough about me. I would love to demo your boards and I’m available to do it over the next 3 days (wed thru fri or any other week)
    Take care sir and keep up the good work.

    John Cuccia
    Murrieta, CA

  26. Hi.

    So I’ve been surfing for 4 or 5 years now. Not consistently, but getting out 3 or 4 times a year for a weekend or on surf trip. I own a 8’6″ malibu, which I don’t really surf on anymore. Recently I’ve transitioned to renting various different fish. I started with a 6’4″ NSP, which skipped a lot. Then I used a 6’6″ pintail (not a fish, I know, but it was a lot of fun), and last weekend I surfed on the North shore of the DR (el Encuentro) on a 5’10 and a 6’10”, both fish. I had the most fun on the 6’10” because the waves were small and I caught more waves on it.

    Anyway, I’m 5’9″ about 165 lbs. I’d describe my skills as early intermediate to intermediate. I’m wondering if the standard or a smaller grouper would be a good board for me?


  27. I weigh 120 lbs, and I am 5’3, and female. I have surfed a few times, but barely able to stay standing. I am looking into getting a surfboard but was wondering as to how thick, wide, and what length I would need, I’ve been reading up on funboards (egg), and that is the type I am looking into getting.

  28. Hey,
    I have only gone surfing about 5 times, with this group in Florida called ‘Crosswaves’ a surfing ministry in other words. Anyways, I am 5’2 and 120 lbs, and wanting to buy a surfboard of my own, I have been looking into funboards, but I’m not sure what length or thickness I should use since I am a beginner, if you could help me out with that I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thanks for your time,

  29. Hello, Thinking of ordering one of your boards. I am 5’8 and about 165 lbs. Strong intermediate surfer who mostly rides a 9′ performance longboard. What would you suggest??


    Fraser Ray

  30. how much Liters of float do your 5’4 fishes usually have?

    just looking at one from icons of surf?

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