Hey Michael,

Hope you’re good. Here’s a shot of me on my 5’-9” slot-tail Zippi at a secret spot in Northern Baja during some heavy offshores.

About the slot tail: When you drop in and make a quick 90-degree turn across the face, if you dig really hard on that back foot as you’re going along you can feel the water hitting the slot before it hits the driving fin, triggering a little sliding action. It’s a controlled slide though, not a skip, much like on a skateboard. Super fun to do.

Will need a new board soon.



Richard Olsen
Senior Editor


Sent: Sunday, April 20, 2008 12:19 PM
Subject: New ZippiFish


Rode my new 6’4″ today in real waves (well, sorta…Venice homebreak, chest-shoulder high, anyway). Took my surfing to a new level in an hour! Never thought a board that could float my fat ass could be so loose and have drive and be easy to paddle. Here’s some better shots for ya! Thanks again.

Robert L. Lemle, Esq.


Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:36 PM
Subject: Love and my new 5’10

Mike – Quick note to let you know I surfed my new fish this morning
and fell in love with your boards all over again.

El Porto looked fun and rideable at 6:15, but was swamped out by
7:30ish. Surf was soft, waist high + with a few larger sets here and
there but the tide came up quickly.

Still, I got on it early and knew the fish would be the right board
for the day. I was having a blast catching even the mushiest of waves
and riding some of them all the way into the sand while most everyone
else paddled for outside and inside sets with great futility only to
come up empty on their chippy, high-performance shortboards. Me?
Smile from ear-to-ear and very little wait time between waves. I left
the water tired…most others left frustrated.

Also, I should mention: the extra hint of length on the 5’10 feels
great to me. Perhaps its my imagination, but it feels like the rails
aren’t quite as thick as on the 5’9″ and somehow felt in better
control, esp. during turns. Overall, this balance worked great for me
this morning. Looking forward to pushing it in juicier waves.

What more can I say? I love my Zippi Fish!

thanks again,



Zippi Rocks!!!!!

Been surfing my custom 5′8″ for a couple of months now. It blows my mind how this thing catches waves, turns, punches through sections and grips in the hollow stuff! Thanks for working w/me on the dims Zippi.

Mike Trujillo


Bought a used 6ft for my son, it’s a bit wide for his 11yr old shoulders to paddle, so I’ve been riding it. I’m amazed at how it paddles, catches waves, and turn like a skateboard. Never thought at 210lb I’d be riding a 6ft board, but I’m now convert! The little thing is the Shiz!




Thanks for meeting my dad and I late at night to deliver my new fish. The next afternoon we were riding perfect surf at Scorpion Bay! My new Zippifish worked insane! Super stoked! Now my Dad has to have one!

Mikey Kenney


Loving the fish you made for me. You were probably right about going shorter, but I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for great board and great service.



I just bought one of your 5′ 8″ fishes from Icon’s of Surf in San Clemente and it really screams down the line. I’m very stoked on the performance. In hollow surf it holds tight every time. I will definitely be buying another one of your boards ! (the best stick i’ve bought in the last 20 yrs. )



Hi Zippi,

Got the board on Tuesday and had it out Wednesday morning. All I can say is you did a beautiful job and the board rides great! Had it out in waist high mush, onshore and crappy and made sections I would never had made on my old board. Took a little adjustment but I think I have the hang of it now. I am very happy with every part of the process and will be in touch in the future!

Ron from MD


Hello Michael,

I am 45 and been surfing 32yrs of that 45. I bought one of your 5′ 8″ slot bottom fishes from Ken at Icons of Surf. It’s by far the best board I have rode in years. I had it out in the last big south Nov. 5th in Oceanside in solid 10ft. This board is amazing how well it holds in overhead surf. I LOVE IT ! Thank you for your quality craftsmanship,Michael. I will be looking at one of your quads next.



I got some really good waves on this board this past weekend. It worked really well. roundhouse cutbacks had a whole new feel, much tighter with the tail being narrower than my other Zippifish. Unfortunately I dinged this beauty pretty good on my third session, rock against fiberglass is always so painful to feel then see. I will give it some TLC and she’ll be back in the water very soon.

Mauricio Tassara


Nice board. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made was my 5’6″Zippi from Just Longboards. I love my Zippi.



I have mine! 5’6″, bought at ZJ’s. loves to rollercoaster.

Ed Fladung


We have been selling your fishes under the Time Bomb name for years in our Surf Shop in New Jersey – Ocean Outfitters. It is the only board I’ve surfed since 3 years ago. It took the place of everything: My long board and my hybrid short performance. We are interested in doing an order with our logo on all the boards. Is that possible? I can also send you some pretty shots of myself surfing in Mexico with your Time Bomb labeled Zippi.


Jeff Walden


Hi Zippi,

Got the board and it is awesome!! Had it out today in some very
small surf and it rode way better than my old board, really fast
and really loose. It did take some getting used to but I think I
have it down now. Smallest board I have riddin in 20 years, Can’t
wait to try it in some real surf. I would recommend your boards to
anyone! I love it!



5′8″ Zippifish Custom

Thanks for the board. Works great in in overhead waves. Superfast and responds great.
Couldn’t be happier. Keep up the great work!

Brian C.


Hey Zippi,

I love the board. I’ve ridden it four times since Tuesday and each time it gets better. I really like the twin keel setup, but today I tried it with my quad fins. At first it didn’t seem great, but I moved the rear fins all the way to the front of the box and the board started to fly. I’m not really sure which setup I like more yet, but I suspect that the speed dialers will work a little better in juicier surf. I can’t wait to keep experimenting with the setups. Thanks so much for a killer board.



Had my 6′8″Zippi for over a month now and I love it! Got it to replace a performance longboard I broke and it’s been everything I hoped for. I’m catching waves in the same place I used to on the longboard, but speed and turning ability have allowed me to explore new parts of the wave, and catch those shoulders I couldn’t before.
Can’t wait to take it out in some beefy northern swells this winter…And did I mention the sick airbrush job? Thanks Zippi!

Damien B


Just took out my 5′5” Zippi out this morning. Waves were not that great, but this thing catches waves and blazed down the line regardless of the fact that the waves had no real power. Pumps for speed better than my short and is extremely maneuverable and cuts back like my short. The board is just super fun and fast! Thanks Mike for the great board and for putting up with all my questions. haha Can’t wait to take this baby out during a good swell.


11 responses to “Testimonials

  1. richard Casperson

    Heh just saw the shots of Mike Brady and Rob Marvich down in Mexico and recognized them since I took them. I have to tell you those two were absolutely unbearably stoked on their Zippis. Talk about midlife crisis…they;re both in their mid fifties and were acting like a coupla stoked groms with their new boards. Now I gotta have one…. Rich

  2. Testimony
    I just bought a 5’8 retro twin. Surfed it in very weak and small conditions and I felt like I did when I was a grom surfing everyday. I was surprised at how easy it was to get into a wave and then gain speed and fly. I was actually surprised at how well it surfed the foam until it reformed on the inside. I was surprised the very first duck dive. Pretty different than my performance thruster, but I got the hang of it by the next few dives. I love it and have been telling my friends about it. I’m torn between letting all my friends use it and being greedy and surfing it for myself…probably let my close bros check it out.

  3. Hi Zippi,

    I picked up my 5’11” fish in January and have surfed it almost non-stop since. It’s worked great in everything from head high points to knee high beach breaks. It makes so many sections that I never could make before and is really fast. I love it! Thanks!


  4. I have had my zippifish for about 3 months now and feel very comfortable on it. I highly recommend a retro style zippifish to increase enjoyment out in the water. It’s not my only board, but for sure an essential in my quiver. Thanks.

  5. I recently contacted Zippi and he sized me up perfectly before creating the perfect 5′ 10″ for me with custom art work. I have been testing it out at Venice and Sunset and feel comfortable already.

    I would highly recommend contacting Zippi to find out what board would be best for you. He has loaners to try out before making a decision.

  6. Zippi,

    You got magic hands or something…. this board is the very best board i have ridden in my life. The speed is incredible i have been surfing for 15 years and rode all kinds of boards. this is my first experience on a fish and i can’t believe it took me this long to get one. picked up my 6’7″ on friday, October 24th 08. rode it this weekend and all i can say is i love this board. i can’t say one bad thing about, none. perfect…. as long as you are shaping i’ll be buying….

  7. Hi Michael,

    This review is long overdue, purchased a twin keel zippifish a few years ago now and I can’t thank you enough.

    I always find myself going back to this board time and time again. It’s a blast to ride in anything from knee high to overhead. I still find it hard to believe how well it responds in bigger surf. By far the fastest board I’ve ever surfed. How do you make them accelerate so fast.

    Anyway, almost time for a new one so you’ll be hearing from me soon enough, but just wanted to thank you and give props to a fantastic board.

  8. “Hey zippi!
    I had my first session on the new zippi on Sunday… I
    was at church’s and it was about shoulder high…sets a little
    bigger…wow what a fast little board! Seriously the fastest board I’ve
    ridden… Made impossible sections…just cranking down the line! It
    was really quick to come around through turns and cut backs! Can’t wait
    for my next session!!
    Thanks for the stoke!

  9. George Doria-Medina

    I purchased a 5′ 8″ zippifish Squid for my son 4 weeks ago from Icons of Surf in San Clemente. I have seen my son improve his surfing at least by 100%…. I could not believe what a difference a board can make. I read Michael Zippi believes surfing should be fun and catching more waves is fun. Well not only is it more fun, but catching more waves means more practice and progress. My son has improved in one month more than he had over the previous 18 months. Now his other 4 boards are in the garage getting dusty as he goes straight to the Zippifish every time.

  10. I got a board from mike and have to say that it is the sh!t.It can catch a whale fart,turn on a dime,hold in a barrel,hold in big surf,and has replaced all my other boards.This is the board for socal waves 90% of the time.keep up the good work zip.

  11. I just took possession of a grouper … I have been a long boarder for the last two years and finally got me a zippi . The last two days in NorCal have been very small and mushy … I have had the best time ever …. Now I see why they call these boards the widow maker of the quiver …I am 210 and it flys in the smallest waves …… Thanks Michael for giving me a new perspective …….

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